New release -- new console with 256 colours, some fixes to task logging, and the P-thing.

Exciting new deploy today!

A new console

Obviously, the most important thing we did was to switch out our javascript console for a new one that supports 256 colours! And slightly more sane copy + paste. And it works on Android, or at least it does on Lollipop. Giles recommends the Hackers keyboard. Still doesn’t work on my blackberry though.

For the curious, it’s based on hterm which is a part of Chromium…

Some new packages

Of secondary importance, we added a few new packages, including TA-lib, pytesseract, and a thing called ruffus.

Improved logging of scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks now log directly to files in /var/log, rather than storing their output in our database. That means they’ll get log-rotated like everything else in there, and if you call flush on your sys.stdout, you may even be able to see live updates while tasks are still running. I think.

New database type supported.

Oh, and we also released a new database type, it’s called Postgres, I’m told it’s quite popular. Skip on over to the accounts page and get yourself a Custom account if you want to check it out.

Happy coding everyone!

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