New release -- better virtualenv handling for webapps, tmux, mutt, and our education beta

Morning all!

A pleasingly smooth deploy this morning, allowing us to bring you some new features we hope you’ll like:

  • The web tab now has the option to specify a virtualenv, which will then be used by the uWSGI workers that run your web app. This avoids the ugly exec activate_this hack we had to recommend, and should avoid issues with shadowing. More info here and here.

  • Thanks to Conrad (yay new guy!), we’ve added tmux and mutt as available binaries in consoles, for all you terminal wizzzards out there.

  • And we’re doing a soft launch of our (very lean, very early) education beta. We’ve started to built out some more features to make PythonAnywhere a great place to teach + learn Python, so do get in touch if you’re and educator and want to get involved.

That’s about that! Keep hassling us for new features, and we’ll keep trying to deliver them as soon as we can…

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