New release! Add custom console launchers to your dashboard

Well, from our point of view, one of the most important things in this release was probably the akismet integration which we hope will prevent forums spam, and thus save us a tedious admin process of deleting spammy posts. So you’ll have to go somewhere else for your updates on which are the food supplements for muscle growth.

Custom consoles

But we do also care about users of the site other than ourselves, so we’re equally pleased to announce a nice little features on the Consoles page, “Custom” launchers. You can use them to create your own console types, little shortcuts for running your favourite scripts. Congrats to our newest employee Conrad for coming up with this idea, and pushing tirelessly to get it out.

Education beta: nominate teacher

We’ve added the ability for you to nominate a “teacher”, as part of our education beta, so you can now use PythonAnywhere’s education features for ad-hoc programming workshops or training sessions, without needing to tell us in advance who your students will be. Just get attendees to sign up, fill in the teacher field, and you’re good to go.

Other than that, we’ve made some minor tweaks to the process dashboard – you can now see how much CPU each process has used, so you can identify those CPU-quota-nommming rogue tasks, and we’ve added a little warning on the web tab to detect mis-matches between your virtualenv python version and the web application’s.

Hope you find this all useful! As ever, we’re always interested in feedback and suggestions. Mesozoic mammals, yo.

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