New stuff: UI changes, new packages, and limited Java

A big infrastructure update this morning, but we managed to fit in some nice new features too!

  • A popular request, especially from people using PythonAnywhere in education: when you run a Python file from inside our in-browser code editor, it now shows the output of the file in a pane underneath the editor, instead of trying to pop up a new browser tab.
  • Plotly is a popular package for generating interactive charts, especially in IPython notebooks. We now have it installed by default.
  • For anyone who’s keen on using external databases that need ODBC to connect, we now have all of the operating system packages installed to support it on our site. Just run pip2.7 install --user pyodbc (adjusting the Python version as required) to get the Python package.
  • We have no plans to become JavaAnywhere, but Java can be useful for some purposes, even in a Python program. We’ve started the process towards making it available; if you have Docker consoles enabled for your account, the Java command-line program will work. It doesn’t currently work in scheduled tasks or web applications. We’ll be extending support for Java in the future, but if all you want to do is run it from the command line, get in touch and we’ll enable it for your account. Feedback will definitely be appreciated!
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