Deprecation warning: "mysql.server" hostname being retired

Relax everyone! We’re not switching off our mysql service, just switching off one of the old names it was available under. You’ll still be able to access it, and more reliably, under the new name, with no downtime. Details follow…

Action is required if you set up your mysql instance over a year ago

The old mysql.server proxy service is being shut down

We originally set up a local mysql-proxy instance on each server, which would forward traffic to our actual database servers. It was available locally under the hostname mysql.server, which we inject into people’s hosts files. We decided this service wasn’t as reliable as we’d like, and have been using custom DNS routing instead.

For the last 12 months or so we’ve been telling people to use the new hostnames, so you only need to worry if you set up your mysql connection a long time ago (maximum respect to our OG users by the way!)

Use the new address from your Databases tab

Head on over to your Databases tab (available from the dashboard) and you’ll find the new hostname you should be using. Then, scrobble away in your, or, or wherever it is that you store your mysql settings, bounce your web app or application, kick the tyres, and you’re good to go.

You have 15 seconds to comply

Get it done soon! We expect to retire the mysql.server service at our next-but-one deployment, which could be as little as two weeks away, so get it done. Why not do it now? Just drop us a line via if you need any help.

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