System upgrade, 2016-04-12: Python 3.5

We upgraded PythonAnywhere today. The big story for this release is that we now support Python 3.5.1 everywhere :-) We’ve put it through extensive testing, but of course it’s possible that glitches remain – please do let us know in the forums or by email if you find any.

There were a few other minor changes – basically, a bunch of system package installs and upgrades:

  • mysqlclient for Python 3.x (so now Django should work out of the box with Python 3)
  • pyodbc and its lower-level dependencies, so you should be able to connect to Microsoft SQL Servers elsewhere on the Internet.
  • pdftk
  • basemap for Python 3.x.
  • pint
  • uncertainties
  • flask-openid
  • And finally, we’ve upgraded Twilio so that it works properly from free accounts.
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