Latest deploy: new stylings, editor fixes, and our API beta

Morning all! A lovely day for leave-ing an old server image behind and welcoming in a new, independent, codebase. #brupgrade #brelease #breployment.

Style tweaks, improvements to responsiveness

On a bit of a whim we decided to upgrade to bootstrap 3, so you’ll notice slightly different stylings. Flat buttons! Oh-so-3-years-ago. But also, there are some improvements to the way the site displays on mobile and smaller displays, which is nice.

We also upgraded to the latest version of the ace editor, which should bring a few little improvements too, like better vim keybindings, and better support for ipads (you can now scroll, yay!)

API beta

It’s not ready for prime-time yet, but we’ve started work on a PythonAnywhere API. It may end up not being something we publish for general use, and just something for us to use behind the scenes, but if you’re keen to take a look, get in touch, and we’ll switch it on for you. Currently the API allows you to do stuff to your web apps, namely:

  • create new web app
  • reload web app
  • update webapp settings: virtualenv, static files.

You should bear in mind that anything you build using that api will probably break when we next do a release, we’re making no guarantees about backward-compatibility, or that the api will even work as it is. So really it’s just for playing around or for the curious for now. Still, email us if you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.

Other changes

  • There’s now a UI for updating the working directory and source files location for your web apps.
  • The editor now gives you a useful warning when you try and save if you’re over your quota (and it no longer deletes your whole file, which some consider a bonus)
  • We’ve made some changes to try and make it easier for us to deal with forum spam. ugh.
  • and a few assorted minor bugfixes.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy!

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