Latest deploy: Some nice new features and a surprise

Rename web apps

Yes, we know it’s been a long time coming, but now you can rename your web apps (and, as a result change the domain they’re served from) right on the web app setup page. Look for the little edit pencil icon next to your web app address.

Students can share with teacher

We’ve made it easier for students to share their consoles with their teacher.

List invoices on accounts page

For those of you that may be wondering how much of your hard-earned money you’ve spent on PythonAnywhere, we’ve added a list of all of your invoices to the Account page.

PDF export for Jupyter notebooks works

A helpful user pointed out that “Download as PDF” wasn’t working in Jupyter notebooks on PythonAnywhere. So we fixed it.

“bash console here” on editor page

If you’re ever editing a file and want to open a Bash console in the same directory as the file, now you can.

General security, usability and stability fixes

As usual. This is usually where we put all the fixes for bugs that are too embarrassing to list.

Something great that we’re not telling you anything about

until we’ve tested it ourselves.

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