shuts down

We were sad to hear about the sudden departure of our frenemies* at Nitrous.

Whenever something like this happens, there’s a conversation about the reliability of SaaS services in the face of VC pressure – do you really want to trust your business to a company that has VCs breathing down their neck setting deadlines for exits, and ready to pull the plug if things take a dip?

So we want to reassure you that we haven’t taken on any big VC money. And although we do occasionally wonder, from our cramped little London office above a Burrito shop**, what the lives of developers in startups with 7-figure investments and swanky San Francisco offices with their table-tennis tables and elaborate trousers, we mostly don’t resent it much. Considering we’re now cashflow-positive and our investor (Hi Robert!) has just guaranteed the sole cash injection we need to achieve actual-for-reals-profitability, and that that investment is two orders of magnitude less than what Nitrous took on, well, let’s say we hope we’re a reasonably low-risk bet as far as our customers are concerned, and we plan to be around for a while.

Anyways, so much to say that, if you were using Nitrous to code Python, and you still fancy having a place in THE CLOUD to store your stuff, head on over to our site, and we’ll be happy to see you.

So, in honour of our defunct friends at Nitrous, why not enjoy this naughties dark DnB classic by the unmistakeable Bad Company. Rinseout!

* yes, “frenemies”, its a thing. if you’re cringing, rest assured that, being British, I cringed the first time I heard this word too. So. American. But like all things Silicon Valley, there’s a nugget of truth in it, and more than that. competitors can be friends (someone should remind politicians of this), and particularly when you’re out creating new markets, a competitor doing a good job can genuinely increase the size of your own customer pool. even when they don’t die!.

** actually it’s now a Vietnamese. Nice Banh-mi, delicious roast belly pork, could do with being a little more generous on the meat portions though

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