New look and feel!

We updated PythonAnywhere this morning :-)

The most visible change is that we’ve refreshed the look and feel – we’d love to know what you think, especially about the new dashboard page that you get when you log in or click the PythonAnywhere logo. Is it useful? Is there other stuff we should add there, or are there things we should remove? Just drop us a line using the “Feedback” link.

There have also been some big changes under the hood. The most important ones are part of a project we’re not quite ready to announce (coming soon, we promise!) but more visibly, we’ve improved scalability for Jupyter/IPython notebooks, so hopefully you’ll notice a speedup if you using them.

We’ve also fixed a couple of minor bugs:

  • A few issues with editing scheduled tasks have been fixed.
  • You used to get an internal server error if you tried to start a MySQL console when you were out of disk quota. Now you don’t.
  • Similarly, starting a Jupyter notebook with non-ASCII characters in its filename works properly now.

That’s all for today’s update. Any feedback much appreciated!

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