Today's Upgrades: Always-On Tasks

Always-On Tasks

We are officially live with our always-on tasks! All paying customers will get one always-on task, and you can add more by customizing your plan on our accounts page. Our infrastructure will try to keep your script always running (ie. we will restart it if your script errors and stops etc). We’d love to know what you think- Just drop us a line using the “Feedback” link, or email us at!

Logging Improvements

We have also improved user experience working with log files. You can now access our API to delete log files (or wipe the file if your particular log file is currently in use), and we have better formatting in place when logging certain web app errors.

Other Stuff

We also optimized the editor that you can access from the ‘Files’ tab to make consoles within it start faster and to avoid scripts rerunning unintentionally.

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