System update on 26 June

Our system update on 26 June went pretty smoothly :-) There were a number of useful changes:

  • Our API now supports uploading, downloading and listing files in your private file storage. There is another blog post about this.
  • We now have an official system in place to migrate your MySQL data between database servers, which means that if you’re on an older version, we can move you over to 5.7. Let us know if you’re interested!
  • Our system for migrating user accounts from our US-based system at to our EU-based one at is almost finished – just a few final bugs to work out. We’ll post about this again when it’s ready to go live. Update: it’s now live.

We also pushed a number of bugfixes:

  • A number of issues which meant that always-on tasks could lose access to the network have been fixed.
  • Previously, if you tried to change the command for an always-on task that was disabled, you’d get an error – this has been addressed.
  • Some HTTP libraries (which seem particularly common on IoT devices) put the port number in the host header on requests (eg. they send rather than This is perfectly valid HTTP, albeit uncommon, but our system failed to parse them correctly and would respond with a 404 error. We’ve fixed that.

There were also a whole bunch of minor UI tweaks and the like.

Right now we’re working on making sure that our billing system supports the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations that will come into force for all payments from European credit/debit cards this September; hopefully we can make this as seamless as possible for you.

Happy coding!

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