System update on 21 November 2019

This morning’s system update went smoothly; some websites did take a bit longer than we expected to start up afterwards, but all is well now.

There are two big new features that we have introduced which are going through some final post-deploy tests before they go live – a new system image (called fishnchips) to support Python 3.8 and to add on a number of extra OS packages that people have been asking us for, and an update to our virtualization system that will fix a number of problems with specific programs. We’ll be posting more about those when they’re ready to go live. [Update: we’ve posted about the fishnchips system image here.]

But there were a number of other things we added:

  • We’ve added the ability to restart an always-on task without stopping it, waiting for it to stop, and then starting it again – there’s a new “restart” button on the far right of the tasks table.
  • You can now temporarily disable a website without deleting it – the button is near the bottom of the “Web” page.
  • And, of course, the normal set of minor tweaks, bugfixes, and the like.

Happy coding!

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