System updates on 3 and 5 March

On 3 March we upgraded our EU-based system at to the latest version of our code, and this morning (5 March) we upgraded our US-based system at to the same version.

Everything went very smoothly, and all systems are working well. There were a bunch of infrastructure-related changes in this update:

  • We’ve made some improvements to the beta of our new virtualisation system, which is currently in public beta. More about that next week, we hope!
  • We’ve updated almost all of our machines to the most recent AWS Intel server types; the remainder will be upgraded over the coming two weeks. CPU geeks will be glad to hear that we’re going to start experimenting with AMD. We might also consider ARM for our own internal systems, though right now it feels like sticking with x86-64 for the servers where our users run their code is the best option (let us know if in the comments if you disagree!)
  • A certain amount of code that was (somewhat embarrassingly) still Python 2 was upgraded to Python 3. blush

As usual, there were also a number of minor tweaks and minor bugfixes.

Onwards and upwards!

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