A Tale of Two Deployments

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of remote work, it was the age of pyjamas, it was the epoch of bread baking, it was the epoch of pineapple pizza, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness…

This is a short but exciting story about two system updates. Spoiler alert: no one has been guillotined.

In May – 20th for EU-based and 26th for US-based system – and in September – 10th for EU and 30th for US – we deployed new code to production clusters.

Among the new features, probably the most visible one for our beloved Citoyens (aka users), was the Postgres upgrade. We made an epic leap from Ancien Régime of deprecated 9.4 to futuristic version 12. That allows us to stay compatible with the recent versions of other libraries, especially Django 3.1.

The next feature will be the most appreciated by the Educators: The long awaited capability to kill… ekhm, that is, to remove students by Teachers directly without the necessity of contacting the support team was introduced. We replaced Teacher tab on Account page with more general Education one where you will find the user interface to manage your teacher and students.

For emancipated users who need more low-level control over their web apps we deployed a new API that allows you to set headers for static files. For example one can set Access-Control-Allow-Origin, as many users requested. The documentation is here

Additionally there were, as always, many changes not directly visible for users related to security, performance and reliability in the eternal spirit of Sécurité, Efficacité, Fraternité.

Vive le PythonPartout!

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