Anaconda Acquisition FAQs

In June 2022, Anaconda announced its acquisition of PythonAnywhere. This acquisition expands Python team collaboration in the cloud and adds capabilities designed to unite teams and create access to more robust cloud resources. We’ve compiled the following list of frequently asked questions to aid users in navigating the transition.

Anaconda += PythonAnywhere

Will this affect my PythonAnywhere account?

For now, it won’t! There are no plans to change PythonAnywhere user accounts, and you can continue to use yours as usual without interruption.

Will billing change?

Billing amounts and frequency will not be impacted by the Anaconda acquisition, but you may now see the name Anaconda appear on your electronic invoice or card statement.

Will my website at remain running at the same address?

Yes! There are no plans to change PythonAnywhere user website URLs. You may continue to access your website as usual.

Will PythonAnywhere continue to offer the same service?

Anaconda’s investment will allow PythonAnywhere to continue to expand and improve its services to better serve its users. There are no plans to change the services offered by PythonAnywhere.

Will I still be able to use PythonAnywhere for free?

Absolutely! We do not plan to begin charging PythonAnywhere users for services offered for free at the time of acquisition.

Will my paid PythonAnywhere account cost the same?

Billing amounts and frequency will not be impacted by the Anaconda acquisition.

Will you continue to develop PythonAnywhere?

Yes! Anaconda’s investment in PythonAnywhere will allow us to expand and improve it to better serve you, our users.

Does this mean that some cool data science features are in the pipeline?

Yes! We will continue to innovate and add value for data scientists using PythonAnywhere’s runtime. We will share details on these new features when they are available.

Is my data on PythonAnywhere safe?

Anaconda currently supports users from around the globe and follows the required processes and procedures in each region. We do recommend that you make sure you’re following the existing security hints and tips on our help page.

Will my data on the EU PythonAnywhere system remain in the EU?

Yes, data currently housed in PythonAnywhere’s system in the European Union will remain there until further notice. Should Anaconda decide to move user data in the future, users will be notified prior to the migration.

Will this have any effect on my rights under the GDPR?

Anaconda observes GDPR compliance rules. Your rights under GDPR will not change as a result of the acquisition.

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