We are hiring!

As you probably already know, PythonAnywhere is now part of the Anaconda family! As we expected Anaconda‚Äôs investment in PythonAnywhere will allow us to expand and improve to better serve our users. So we’re starting to grow our team, and first time since 2014 we’re officially hiring!

If you are an experienced frontend developer who wants to get their feet wet with the backend stuff, we might be looking for you. And if you’d be excited to work in the Extreme Programming paradigm – you were probably looking for us! If you don’t know what it means, no worries, as we work in pairs there will be always someone who would introduce you to our day-to-day rituals, like TDD, direct contact with customers and poker planning.

As we all are mostly backend devs, we want to reinforce our frontend wing, thus we expect from you a deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React and other relevant web development technologies, and an interest in learning the backend technologies to become a full-stack developer working in Python and other server-side technologies.

If you want to get more detailed job description and even apply, check this link!

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