We're hiring!

Now that we’re part of Anaconda, we’re growing the team so that we can do more, faster :-)

Right now we’re looking for a senior engineer with lots of experience in backend stuff, but an interest in working across the full stack from obscure kernel wrangling, custom Linux container-based virtualization, Django and Flask on the mid-tier, up to TypeScript and React on the front end. There’s even a (tiny) bit of Lua thrown in there.

We’re an Extreme Programming team so you’ll be pairing with other team members from day one. All work is remote (bar occasional team meetups), and we can currently hire people based in the UK or in Germany.

There’s more detailed information about the role on the official Anaconda jobs board, and you can also apply there – or you can also drop us a line at jobs@pythonanywhere.com.

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