Running Trac on PythonAnywhere

As part of the ongoing dogfooding campaign, we just migrated our issue tracker from an internal server to PythonAnywhere. Am happy to say it runs faster!

We use Trac, a python-based PM tool. Here’s a brief outline, in case anyone else wants to host a trac site using PythonAnywhere.

  • pip install --user trac (we’ll get trac in the batteries included asap!)
  • use trac-admin to create a new trac project
  • configure your file as per the instructions here
  • Install the AccountManager plugin - I chose htdigest auth, other options are available.
  • enable registration to let any users sign in - you can disable it later

And, optionally, use MySql as your database, although it’s not recommended!

Need more info? Did you try it yourself? Got any thoughts on htdigest vs other types of auth? Leave a comment!

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