New deploy! Python2.7 is now the default, plus some perf. improvements

Hi All!

A long-requested, and much overdue feature today - Python2.7 is now the default, meaning it’s the default python at the command line, it’s the default python when you use pip or easy_install, but most importantly, it’s the default Python for your web apps!

NB - this means any custom packages you’ve installed for your web app using the --user flag need to be reinstalled. If you didn’t get the memo, you may need to do that now!

Aside from that, we’ve had several little tweaks and performance improvements:

  • improvements to console responsiveness
  • squid proxy should be more resilient
  • reduced swappiness on the web servers to reduce thrashing (thanks Cartroo)
  • randomised default start time on scheduled tasks (thanks a2j!)
  • implemented the uwsgi idle timeout for workers (thanks Roberto!)
  • Fixed the subversion proxy bug (thanks ccoovrey)

Thanks to everyone that’s reported bugs suggested improvements, or nagged us for new features. In particular: profread, mjmare, MorePyPlease, decisioncandy and egasimus.

Happy Python-two-dot-seven-ing!

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