New release - several stability and security fixes

Not a lot of very visible changes, but we’ve been beavering away at some security and stability tweaks.

  • Thanks to a2j for pointing out a potential security hole which potentially allowed people to view some scheduled task logs that weren’t their own. We’re very pleased to have that fixed.
  • We’ve implemented better isolation and load balancing, to make sure that individual users or groups of users can’t hog resources. We’ve also tipped the scales so that paying users get more CPU than free users, if there’s ever any contention between the two on a given server…
  • We’ve moved some of our own “housekeeping” cron jobs onto their own server, so they don’t steal cycles from our beloved users
  • We’ve added several useful packages - splinter (thanks douglasmccormickjr), gitpython (thanks nicozanf), and openpyxl (thanks anonymous tipster) and python-magic (no idea who suggested that!)

We’ve also installed sshfs - more on that later, when we talk about Phase 2 of our “developing PythonAnywhere on PythonAnywhere” dogfooding adventure. Watch this space!

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