Calling all LaTeX experts...

LaTeX Lion

We’ve just released a new version of PythonAnywhere which features a full suite of LaTex executables, available for you to run, in a browser, in our Bash consoles.

We’ve been experimenting with this for a couple of weeks, and we’ve had people in floods of gratitude, saying “YES! Never again will I have to install LaTeX! Thank you thank you thank you!".

So, perhaps it’s of use to other people out there, even outside the world of Python?

If you’re a big LaTeX user, come check it out. Just sign up for a free account, start a Bash console and see what you can do. You can use dropbox, github or just a simple upload (in the Files menu) to get your documents uploaded.

We’ve basically installed a combination of the Debian texlive and ghostscript packages. If you’re a Python fan, there are a few libraries to help as well, like texcaller and pdflatex which you may find useful too.

We crave feedback like prehistoric mammals crave an asteroid, so keep it coming!

Love, the PythonAnywhere team.

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