Map of the internet

Well, it’s been weeks and weeks and weeks, but we’ve finally (finally) managed to get a version of MULTIPLE WEBAPPS out.

This is a soft launch, so all you avid blog and forum readers are finding out about it first. We’d love your feedback! Is it working OK? Can you break it? What should we improve?

Is it working OK? Can you break it? What should we improve?

Head on over to your Web Tab and take a look. You’ll spot your web apps listed on the left - at this point, if you’re a Hosting user (which we’re now calling Web Developer) you’ll probably have two: one for your <username>.pythonanywhere.com subdomain, and one for your own domain.

These are now totally independent, so you can delete your subdomain app if you want to, or replace it with something else. You can also start adding any other domains you own, using a little wizard we’ve built (with much sweating and cursing at JavaScript I might add).

Also, what do you think of our new pricing table? Do you think we’ve got the balance of features right, esp. re storage space + number of web apps? What do you think of our new account names (warning: only the answer “super-cool” will be accepted as valid feedback to that last.).

[image credit – “map of the Internet” by Steve Jurveston]

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