New release - more console stability improvements, unicode fix

Today’s new release features:

  • a fix to the file browser unicode bug. This was a regression whereby non-ascii characters in filenames caused problems. Shame on us! fixed now.

  • I’m counting chickens here, but we may have fixed one of our resource leaks, which means we should need to restart console servers less often. That should mean that your console sessions can stay live for longer

  • Improvements to load-balancing between console servers.

  • and finally, a bugfix that was causing errors in “Reload Web app”.

Thanks to everyone that’s been pestering/encouraging us to get these fixes and features in, and people who’ve reported bugs, including a2j, in4paschenko, btccharts, web2pyslices, lmsmodule , nim4n, SignumSol, viralto, hardsoft, xdanyelo, afinney, rudi, tanay009 + sansoftaus

Keep in touch!

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