New release :-)

We’ve just released a new version of PythonAnywhere. This is a scheduled release of a set of new features, and is not related to the weekend’s outages (which are still under investigation, hopefully we’ll have more information soon!).

The new stuff is:

  • We’ve upgraded our Python 3 version from 3.2 to 3.3.
  • Bugfix: if you quick-start a web2py app in a directory that is not ~/web2py, the admin password will now be correctly set.
  • Improved UI on iPads – you can now hide the space that we reserve for the on-screen keyboard, which is useful if you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard, or are just monitoring a log file.
  • New packages: R, RPy, gettext, geventhttpclient, npm (yes, that’s right – node.js on PythonAnywhere – you can’t run a node server yet though), PyStemmer, mysql.connector, asciidoc.

Thanks to all of the people who suggested these fixes, including marladarla7, pigeonflight, pwoolcoc, gebloom, djfinton, chanin, markstocks, jpic, ezamr, and Kernie_xvid.

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