Static files -- finally!

The big news for this release is proper static files support. Until now users either had to serve files via Python, using their web app framework, or use an undocumented and unsupported feature of hacking things into /var/www/static. Slightly embarassing.

So, we’re pleased to present to you our first attempt at proper support for static files. Check out the Web Tab, and you’ll find a new section allowing you to map URLs to folders in your patch – these can be anywhere you like, they don’t have to be in /var/www.

Let us know how you like it!

Screenshot of static files UI

Bonus, secret update – check out the editor. If you don’t see anything new, that’s probably good news, but if you do notice anything, it’s probably a little warning message from PyFlakes, which should automatically detect some potential problems with your Python code, like syntax errors, unused imports and so on. Hope you find it helpful! (we all use it).

Thanks to everyone that’s been chasing us to get static files in, including njr, x, econpy, kgullion, sterling312 and little_dood.

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