PythonAnywhere update, 18 August 2011

We’ve been working hard on PythonAnywhere over the last month or so, and have added a bunch of stuff. Our objective isn’t just to make a cool website with cool technology, that makes people go, oh, that’s cool. We want to change our users’ lives :-) What can we do to get you really excited?

Here are the features we’ve added since 15 July:

  • Scheduled tasks. If you want a Python script – or even a shell script – to run daily or hourly, you can now set it up from PythonAnywhere. The scripts run on our servers at Amazon’s EC2 datacenter, so you’ve got loads of bandwidth and CPU power to play with. Screen-scape television listings and store them in your Dropbox… download share price data for backtesting your trading strategies… or whatever you like!
  • We’ve added Python 2.7, and upgraded our Python 3 version to 3.2.1.
  • New Python modules: mcrypt, mhash, pymc, pysal, traits, and networkx.
  • Subversion support. Because not everyone uses git or hg
  • The editor now has a “Save & Run” button to launch a Python console running your code. There are also various other tweaks to make the editor more usable. We’re using it ourselves now while we develop PythonAnywhere, which should encourage us to make it as smooth as possible!
  • We’ve started putting together some documentation, in the form of a FAQ.
  • A bunch of useful new commands are available from bash consoles, including an updated vim with Python syntax highlighting, make, wc, awk, scp, and rmdir.
  • …and various minor enhancements to the general experience, including password set/reset and the option to log in using your email address instead of your PythonAnywhere user ID.

Coming soon, we hope to have improved support for IPython cluster computing.

What else do you think we should be working on?

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