Ubuntu upgrade -- some minor user-visible features

Switching from Debian to Ubuntu was obviously quite a big infrastructure leap so we’ve tried to keep this release as feature-free as possible, but there are still a few user-visible changes that you’ll see.

  • Vim goes from version 7.2 to 7.3, woo!
  • Emacs goes from version 23.2 to 23.4. meh. we’ll upgrade to 24 when we get a chance (as if anyone uses emacs, anyway).
  • Git goes from version 1.7.10 to version 1.8.1 (release notes)
  • Python goes from version 2.7.3 to 2.7.4 and 3.3.0 to 3.3.1

And you get a few other Ubuntu goodies, like ll as an alias for ls -l, more colourful bash output, and so on… Let us know if you have any particular favourites.

But for us, the big win was the move from kernel 2.6.32 to 3.8.0. W00t.

PS – as part of this release we’re also allowing community submissions for our mini tutorials. More info in the forums

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