Latest updates -- embedabble Python 3, logrotate and fixed HTTPS/proxy/requests issue

Hi everyone,

New, fresh PythonAnywhere today! Here’s what you get:

  • Embeddable Python 3 consoles! Just use an iframe like this:

    <iframe style="width: 640; height: 480; border: none;" name="embedded_python_anywhere" id="id_florence_iframe" src=""></iframe>

Thanks to Gerald for pushing us to get that in.

  • Logrotate is now switched on for your web app log files by default, so no scrolling through 10-meg log files any more!

And finally, and this was a long time coming –

  • requests now works properly over HTTPS via our proxy! (If you’re using a virtualenv you’ll need to update it yourself – pip install -U requests should do the job. If you’re not using a virtualenv it should Just Work)

Thanks to all the hard work from the guys that maintain requests and urllib3:

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