PythonAnywhere now accepts credit cards.

We’re pleased to announce that we now support credit card payments!

Screenshot of Credit card upgrade screen

Note screenshot subliminally encouraging people to upgrade to the most expensive possible plan…

Effective immediately…

You can use it effective immediately, and you can switch existing accounts away from PayPal too, if you like.

Lightning-fast turnaround

Screenshot of old trac ticket

Agile development in action

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone that kept pestering us for this, and thanks for bearing with us. In a future post we’ll spend a bit of time moaning about Paypal’s flaky sandbox environment and how much better Stripe’s is…

Kitchen sink…

In other news, we release several minor bugfixes, as well as a whole heap of extra packages:

pyamf, beautifulsoup for python 3.3, marisa-trie, dataset, geoip, texlive-latex-extra, flask-httpauth, pygal, python-ldap, south for Python 3, xvfb-run, the latest scipy for Python 3, mysql-connector for Python 3, patsy, statsmodels, snappy and a full Haskell environment, just in case….

Let us know how you get on with all that, folks!

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