New release: Custom plans

[updated 09:23 GMT to add bit about reload web app button]

We just released a new version of PythonAnywhere, featuring the usual host of impossible-for-you-to-verify-but-we’ll-still-claim-them stability improvements and bugfixes, but there’s also some highly visible features, which we hope you’ll like.

Pick ‘n mix pricing plans

People have been telling us there was too big a leap between our $12 Web Developer plan and the $99 Startup plan, so we’re pleased to present you with a new option for Custom plans.

You can find the custom plans on the Accounts & Pricing page

Obviously we’re extremely interested in what you think about this. How do you feel about the prices? How do they compare against other options you’re evaluating, and, more interestingly, how do you feel they’re aligned with the value you derive from them?

Other bits ‘n pieces

We’ve also squeezed in a couple of small but (hopefully) helpful features:

File changed on disk warning

Ever do that thing where you’ve got a file open in the editor, and then you do a git checkout in a console that changes the file, only to forget about it, and overwrite your changes when you hit save in the editor? Or even accidentally open the same file in two different tabs and lose an hour’s work?

Our editor will now warn you if it thinks the file has any changes that have happened on disk while you were editing it:

Can you guess how it works?

Start Console here option

The file browser now has the option to start a Bash console in the current folder

Reload Web App from any file in app directory

People were also telling us it’s tedious to have to skip back to the Web tab to reload your web app when you’re working on the code for your app. So, we’ve added a button to the editor toolbar to reload the web app.

It’s only visible for files that are inside the folder that’s associated with your web app, and we only know which folder that is if you went through one of our “start new app” wizards… If you used the “custom” button, unfortunately, we don’t know where your app is. But, zap us a note with “Send Feedback” and we can manually register a folder for you…

Your suggestion here

Hope you find those useful. If you have suggestions for other little UI tweaks, we’d love to hear them. Or indeed, any other features you’d like to see. Keep in touch!

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