Try PythonAnywhere for free for a month!

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Step Right Up Folks, Step Right Up...

OK, so we already have a free account, but we’d like to give out a free trial of our most popular paid plan, the “Web Developer” plan. Here’s what you have to do to claim your free schtuff.

  1. Sign up for PythonAnywhere, if you haven’t already
  2. Upgrade to a Web Developer account using Paypal or a credit card (we use this as a basic way of verifying your identity, to mitigate the likelihood of being used as a DDoS platform)
  3. Build a Thing using PythonAnywhere (even a really silly trivial Thing. Say a double-ROT13 encrypter)
  4. Get in touch with us, quoting the code UNGUESSABLEUNIQUECODE1, and show us your Thing
  5. And we’ll refund your first month’s payment!

Then, play around with the shiny paid features for the rest of the month! Build up to 3 web apps on whatever domains you like, splurge your 3,000 second CPU allowance or your 5GB of storage, use SSH and SSL to your heart’s content, whatever it’ll be. Then when your month is up, you can cancel if you don’t like it (no need to quote any more codes or anything, just hit cancel, no questions asked).

PSthis isn’t some scheme to catch you out and tax you for a month if you forget to cancel. We’ll send you a reminder a couple of days before the renewal date, reminding you that your trial is almost over and that you’ll be auto-renewed if you don’t cancel. And if you happen to miss that, and you get in touch all sore about how we charged you for the second month, we’ll totally refund you that too. IT IS MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY FAIRER THAN THAT.

PPSoffer expires at the end of this week! You have until 23:59 UTC on the 2nd of Nov.

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