PythonAnywhere News Round-up

It’s been about 6 months since we last delivered a state-of-the-PythonAnywhere address and, looking at everything that’s happened since the last one, it’s long-overdue.

Following the extremely … mixed … reaction to our upworthy/buzzfeed spoof report, we decided to gauge the reaction if we went in totally the opposite direction. So let’s get straight into PythonAnywhere’s very first newsletter of 2014 — the “style is for wimps” edition!


One of the biggest tech news items of the year so far is the discovery of the Heartbleed bug. Even though we (like almost every other Linux-based host) were vulnerable to it, we patched our servers just hours after it was announced to the public (for some reason we weren’t included in the early disclosure group with Google and Facebook). Our users were safe from Heartbleed and they didn’t have to do anything!

Securing PythonAnywhere from the Heartbleed bug

Customer stories

The reaction to our customer stories was so great last time that we’ve got 2 for you this time! You can read about

Credit card payments

Yes, we heard your cries and you can now pay us using your credit card without involving PayPal in any part of the transaction.

PythonAnywhere now accepts credit cards

Create your own pricing plan

Dismayed by the huge gulf between our $12 web developer accounts and our $99 startup accounts? We’ve got you covered — you can now design a pricing plan that exactly fits your unique requirements.

Custom plans

PythonAnywhere supports Python 3 web apps

That is all — I did warn you that this would be a no-frills newsletter.

In other news

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